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DPRK rejects UN body's human rights resolution


09:06, November 29, 2012

PYONGYANG, Nov. 28 (Xinhua) -- The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) denounced a human rights resolution adopted by the Third Committee of the 67th UN General Assembly on Tuesday, the official KCNA news agency reported Wednesday.

"The DPRK flatly rejects and vehemently denounces the anti-DPRK 'human rights resolution' which the hostile forces adopted to bring down the Korean-style socialist system centered on the popular masses by abusing the noble idea of human rights, prompted by their sinister political purposes," a foreign ministry spokesman was quoted as saying.

"The resolution peppered with stereotyped lies and false stories does not deserve even a passing note as it is a politically motivated one aimed at serving the purposes of the hostile forces."

The Western forces are blindly following the United States' hostile policy toward the DPRK "out of inveterate repugnance" toward its socialist system, the spokesman said, adding that the "absurd political chicanery" is aimed at playing down the increasing international prestige of the DPRK.

The Third Committee of the 67th UN General Assembly on Tuesday adopted a resolution criticizing the DPRK's human rights record, according to media reports.

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