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Laboleng Temple getting facelift in Gansu


08:56, January 16, 2013

A renovation project of Laboleng Temple temple began last September. (

Laboleng Temple in the south of Gansu Province is a mecca for Tibetan Buddhists, hosting many Buddhist activities each year. A renovation project, the largest in the temple's 300 year history, began last September. But it's taking special care not to interfere with the Buddhist activities.

As a major destination for Tibetan Buddhists in western China, Laboleng Temple has 48 big halls and 18 houses for living Buddha. The architecture is mainly stone, wood, and clay, all of which are easily exposed to erosion. So an overall renovation is urgently needed.

The 305-million yuan facelift involves 12 of the halls and 5 houses of living Buddha. The renovation will begin with the smallest of the 12 halls. This is to gain experience for the renovation of bigger ones.

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