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Laboleng Temple getting facelift in Gansu (2)


09:31, January 16, 2013

A renovation project of Laboleng Temple temple began last September. (

So Nanjia, deputy director of County Bureau of Culture, said, "The building behind me is the smallest of all the planned halls. Now in the winter, we are mainly doing preparation work. In addition, on days when an activity is being held inside like today, the work will not be done."

The temple is home to 30-thousand Buddhist sculptures, tens of thousands of scripts, on top of loads of murals and embroidery. These are the key parts, but also the difficult parts of this renovation project.

So Nanjia said, "We must keep the original appearance of the relics. There's a saying that goes "repair old to be old". So the difficulty exists in the technique, and the materials used."

A parking lot outside the temple is being built. Once completed, no vehicles will be allowed to enter the temple grounds. Visitors must walk in or ride an eco-friendly electric car to tour the site. This will help to protect the temple and its relics, and to maintain order for all the activities held inside the temple.

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