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Enjoy the wintry wonderland in Beijing

By Zhu Xingxin (China Daily)

08:11, January 15, 2013

Shichahai, facing Beihai Park, becomes a natural paradise for skating in the winter after the ice is at least 15 cm thick. (China Daily/Zhu Xingxin)

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If the freezing weather has been keeping you indoors, it's time to get out of the house. There's lots of good stuff to do during the winter in Beijing. If you have not tried it already, put on your skates and take a trip to Shichahai, three historic lakes north of central Beijing. Zhu Xingxin shares some fun photos that may entice you to brave the cold.

Shichahai's Houhai Lake is the perfect venue for a family outing. Skates are available for rent at the lakeside, while the less nimble can try chain sleds. After the exercise there are plenty of snug cafes and cozy bars to repair to and enjoy piping hot food and beverages from around the world.

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