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Ten trends of Chinese Internet in 2012 (II)

(People's Daily Online)

08:13, January 05, 2013


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6. Amount of online shopping topped 1 trillion yuan

The competition between e–commerce providers almost runs through the field of Internet in 2012.

Icson, e-commerce provider owned by Tencent, has announced to enter Chongqing and Chengdu with an investment of 1 billion yuan, planning to catch up with Jingdong Mall. The Wal-Mart Stores Inc became the controlling shareholder of Shanghai Yi Agel Ecommerce Ltd. In 2012, the sum of business transaction of TMall exceeded 1 trillion yuan, accounting for 5.4 percent of China’s total retail sales of consumer goods in 2011.

7. Cooperation of video websites

In 2012, more than 95 percent of Chinese Internet users watch online video, which has become the number one Internet application in China.

The completion of video websites has cooled down and returned to sensible level, with a transformation from vying for marketing channels to making products. The strategy focuses on seeking differentiated development through purchasing and producing video content.

In 2012, the major video websites began cooperating with each other and deployment of mobile terminal has become the consensus of most video websites. At present, about 60 percent of mobile data traffic is generated by the mobile video.

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