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CCTV Gala celebrates Children's Day (3)


08:34, May 29, 2013

With International Children’s Day just around the corner, preparation for CCTV’s annual Gala has entered its final phase.(CNTV)

Besides the Wolf, there are more cartoon characters on stage to join in the fun. The Happy Goat, Kungfu Panda and even the Transformers make an appearance- it’s a cartoon carnival.

Wu Chunfang, director of CCTV Children’s Day Gala, said, "Cartoon characters are always a big favourite with children, so they feature heavily in the show. And we also employ cutting-edge technology to make the visual effects more appealing."

With over a thousand children taking part, this promises to be the largest Children’s Day Gala ever. The event will be broadcast live on both CCTV Channel One and CCTV’s Children’s Channel on Saturday night.

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