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No western men succumb to women’s sajiao spell? (2)

By Tiara Lin (Global Times)

13:39, January 18, 2013

Cultural puzzlements[Special]

Unlike his Chinese ex-girlfriends, his current girlfriend never begs him like a baby, which he misses. "I don't want to ask for her to sajiao, otherwise it will make me seem too demanding," he said.

Sajiao is such a powerful weapon that Chinese women use it at almost any time in any situation; they routinely sajiao to their fathers, boyfriends, male friends and even bosses.

Women's magazines often feature stories teaching readers how to master the skill. My advice? Burn them!

Girls, if you want to find a functioning and lasting cross-cultural relationship or get ahead in a foreign firm, act like a professional woman. Nobody wants to see a female CEO acting like a child in the office.

I've heard complaints from a professor at a business school in Canada regarding his many female Chinese students. He said he does not want to sound racist, but he does worry childish Chinese women who often make cute pouts might ruin the reputation of the business school.

Even women can't stand their peers who use sajiao seduction. My Chinese-American friend said if a woman tries to do it at work with her boss, she will be fired.

"Sajiao is another way for Chinese society to infantilize women to cater to fetishes," she said.

Cultural puzzlements[Special]

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