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Foie gras, a controversial jewel (3)

By Ruby Gao   (Shanghai Daily)

10:44, January 17, 2013

Though this is the season for European foie gras, many Shanghai chefs do their own sourcing.

"Every season, chefs can source the best foie gras," says chef Truchet from Pudong Shangri-La.

"It's possible to get excellent quality all year because all producers have temperature control systems to maintain consistency," says chef Corona.

France produces the most and the best-quality foie gras, while China is expected to be No. 3 when it opens a vast factory in Jiangxi Province.

"Chinese foie gras will get better because they have learned French technique, however, there's still a big space for improvement," says Truchet.

Some top hotel restaurants have launched new foie gras dishes, both classical and creative, to give a bit of richness and warmth to biting winter.

A good wine complements foie gras and David Shoemaker, sommelier at Pudong Shangri-La, East Shanghai, offers some easy pairing rules:

Foie gras is savory, rich and hearty, requiring a sweet, fresh wine to balance the taste and cleanse the palate. German Reisling with nice sweetness and fresh acidity works well.

But if foie gras is served with a sweet sauce, the wine should be sweeter, such as an ice wine, referring to grapes harvested in colder weather.

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