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Never ever wash jeans, new trend among young

By Yin Lu (Global Times)

15:32, January 18, 2013

Cultivating raw jeans has become a new trend in China among young people. (GT/ Yang Huitong)

"Yuck, why do you do that?" - This might be your first reaction if someone tells you that they never ever wash their jeans.

However, they have a good reason for it: it's called "cultivating the jeans," which is apparently a cool, stylish thing to do these days.

A good pair of "raw," indigo jeans will change over the years as the owner wears them. Rubbed by body movement, the jeans will have a natural appearance of vintage-style, and a perfect fit on the owner's body.

But most of the jeans on the market are washed out by machines, and try to imitate the naturally worn ones.

Pursuing the authentic sense of vintage and patiently enduring the process of breaking them in, today's young jeans fans have the ultimate goal of cultivating a unique pair of jeans that fit them and them only, like a second-skin.

Selecting the right 'raw'

Yang Huitong, 29, from Chengdu, Sichuan Province, who runs a virtual studio, is one of the Chinese pioneers in the field of cultivating jeans.

Yang has been very into jeans and the jeans culture for a long time, before he bought his first "raw pair" in 2009.

"Picking out your raw jeans is the first and an important step," said Yang. It determines how your jeans will turn out to be.

Texture and craftwork are the most important things you should consider.

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