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China needs to be vigilant against linguistic invasion (2)

(People's Daily Online)

08:40, January 17, 2013

The cultural globalization led to the globalization of letter words. We are unable to refuse the appearance of the letter words in Chinese culture but we also should not let them be used rampantly. Therefore, the use of them should be regulated and limited. Can the use of letter words follow the example of the regulations of transportation?

Language can be used in three fields, namely personal life, professional field and common field facing the public. The personal life field can be seen as "sidewalk" where the letter words can be used freely.

In the professional field, only the professionals and special groups of people use some professional terms including X-ray, B-ultrasound, A-share and B-share because it will be inconvenient if the letter words are replaced by Chinese characters.

The professional letter words are only used in special fields, books and newspapers, so that the public do not need to understand them. As long as they do not enter the common field, the letter words have little effects on Chinese. Therefore, the professional field can be counted as "slow traffic lane," which only let a smaller number of letter words in.

Different faces, same Chinese Dream[Special]

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