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China needs to be vigilant against linguistic invasion

(People's Daily Online)

08:12, January 17, 2013

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Key Words:linguistics, language, Chinese characters, etters, Engish, cultual invasion, cultural difference
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The English abbreviations (letter words) have shown a trend of rapid expansion in Chinese language in recent years. For example, the Modern Chinese Language included 39 letter words in its fourth edition but included 239 in the sixth edition. Unfortunately, letter words are wrongly used according to the Law of the National Commonly−Used Language and Script, which is nothing new nowadays.

Mixing letter words with Chinese language is definitely a wrong signal to Chinese people that the two languages could be used miscellaneously. It has been stipulated clearly in 2010 that foreign words such as English words and abbreviations are prohibited to appear in Chinese publications. However, it has not yet had a specific way to limit the use of letter words up to now.

The abuse of English words has aggressively endangered Chinese language. English is changing the language and thinking habits of Chinese young people in the past two or three decades, and changed their feeling for Chinese language. Chinese characters are the gene and footstone of Chinese culture, and the free expansion and overflow of letter words will harm the purity of Chinese and impact Chinese culture.

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