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Top 10 international military news of 2012 named by PLA Daily (4)

(China Military Online)

08:30, January 08, 2013

7. DPRK successfully launched "Light Star III" satellite.

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) used the Galaxy III carrier rocket and successfully launched the second "Light Star" satellite into the pre-selected orbit on December 12.

The U.S. and its allies held that DPRK's usage of the satellite launch to test its ballistic missile technology posed a threat against the peace and security in the region, and committed a provocative act to undermine the global non-proliferation system.

8. Indian test-fire of intermediate-range ballistic missile "Agni-5" successful

India successfully launched the "Agni-5" intermediate-range ballistic missile on April 19 for the first time. With a range of 5,000-plus kilometers, the missile is capable of carrying multiple nuclear warheads. To date, it is India's farthest-reaching missiles, covering the entire Asian continent, half of Europe and most of the Indian Ocean.

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