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Heroism, a matter unrelated to wealth (2)

(People's Daily Online)

08:12, January 06, 2013

Du had been doing business in Yongkang for more than 10 years. This city has become his second hometown. His heroic deeds have moved the locals there.

“We never called him ‘boss’, but ‘brother’ instead,” said the weeping truck driver Sun Jianlong. Du Guanghua always said to his employees, “It’s not easy to work away from hometown, so we should care for each other.”

The merchants in same market with Du, which were sometimes rivals to some degree, could not help but admired this unusual good businessman.

“We are competitors in business. No matter who of us had stock outs, he immediately, without a second thought, lent us his stock to meet our urgent needs without profiting from us,” a merchant recalled.

Du Guanghua’s heroism moved millions of netizens as well.

A web user named “world built with united strength” voiced what the public are thinking: “Being wealthy is not the reason for our respect. Du didn’t forget his origin after archived success. He was willing to help and didn’t hesitate in face of emergency, which won our respect.”

Read the Chinese version: 杜光华 义举无关财富; Source: People's Daily

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