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(People's Daily Online)

19:54, January 04, 2013

The Party Central Committee, the National People's Congress, and the State Council have always attached great importance to drug control, and have issued a series of drug control laws and regulations and introduced a series of suggestions and measures to strengthen and improve drug control. In recent years in particular, the National Drug Control Commission has continued to take comprehensive management measures, persistently promoted drug control, paid high attention to the implementation of the "prohibition of four illegal acts," and vigorously promoted community-based drug rehabilitation and recovery, achieving obvious effects in drug prohibition and rehabilitation. All local governments and departments actively adapt to new situations and requirements, continuously change their concepts, think our new ways, and adhere to people orientation and scientific drug rehabilitation. They vigorously promote and improve the management on and services for drug addicts, actively explore diversified new ways for drug prohibition and rehabilitation, and have accumulated a lot of good experience and practices.

The "Sunshine Project" explored and implemented by Guizhou Province is just a model of the successful practices for community-based drug prohibition and recovery in various places. Guizhou is one of the seriously drug-afflicted areas in China, with a large number of drug addicts and arduous drug rehabilitation tasks. In the face of severe and complex drug situation and underdeveloped provincial development, the Party Committees and governments at all levels in Guizhou have firmly established the concept of being people-oriented, correctly handled the relationship between economic development and social construction, and vigorously promoted and innovated social management on drug control. While continuously strengthening education and management on rehabilitation and recovery of drug addicts in communities, Guizhou has also firmly grasped the breakthrough point of providing job placement for drug addicts, maintained the dependence on communities and enterprises, and actively explored the new drug rehabilitation and recovery mode of physical detoxification, physical and mental recovery, job placement, and integration into the society, trying to build a "Sunshine Project" focusing on humanized management and reflecting special care. The implementation of "Sunshine Project" has not only effectively reduced relapse rate, increased control rate, and successfully solved many problems such as difficulties in controlling drug addicts and in improving the consolidation rate of rehabilitation, but has also opened a new way of helping drug rehabilitation and recovery personnel to enhance self-esteem and confidence and return and integrate into the society. This has effectively promoted social harmony and stability. The series books compiled by the Drug Control Commission of Guizhou systematically summarize the province's explorations on community-based drug rehabilitation and recovery over recent years, fully demonstrate the trials and hardships that the "Sunshine Project" has experienced from its birth to growth and development, and collectively interpret the purpose, content, and development model of the project. I believe that the publication of the series books will certainly play an active role in promoting all regions, departments, and even the whole society to care about the special group of drug addicts, better advance community-based drug rehabilitation and recovery work, and reduce drug dangers and save drug addicts to the maximum.

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