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Human rights paradox makes the US very helpless (2)

(People's Daily Online)

09:06, December 22, 2012

Statistics show that since 1950, except in individual cases, shooting cases with more than three casualties in the United States and Europe all took place in fatalities where guns are forbidden, such as schools. Intriguingly, the murderer Adam Lanza in this shooting case used the gun which his mother Nancy Lanza, a gun enthusiast collected.

Weighed by their political interests, the politicians in Washington do not even dare to debate the issue of gun control any more. Victims in the shooting massacre were mostly children, which greatly shocked the American society. Even so, some plans under consideration are only subtle changes such as to restart a prohibition on the sale of assault rifles expired in 2004 and the prohibition on the sales of high-capacity magazines similar to that the murderer used this time. The eradication of the tragedy is but a wishful thinking.

While groaning for the too many similar events the United States has experienced, the U.S. President made the gesture that "meaningful action must be taken, regardless of political persuasion" and that there must be "changes". Such gesture seems void after all. The argument whether the tragedy is caused by gun or by human will continue, but eventually the matter will be let rest. When the hot discussion gradually calm down, the blood pool drawn by any other burst of gunfire will again set off a round of waves, unable to change the helplessness of the United States.

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