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Treat US' strategy of rebalance in Asia-Pacific rationally (2)

(People's Daily Online)

18:17, December 20, 2012

The United States deployed the rebalanced strategy in Asia-Pacific mainly for a purpose of prevention and deterrence, rather than taking China as a rival. The major policy orientation of the United States is not to cross China’s red line, avoiding frontal collision with China and maintaining peace and stability of Asia-Pacific.

Furthermore, the United States is difficult to court other countries to deal with China thanks to its long-established good-neighbor policy. As China is the main trading partner and the largest export market of most Asia-Pacific countries, they would like to develop friendship with China rather than act as the "pawns" of the United States to contain China

At the same time, the eastward shift of the U.S. strategic center is not entirely negative. For instance, the strengthened U.S.-Japan alliance is of course to contain China on the one hand, but it also plays a role in preventing Japan's development of nuclear weapons and re-militarization. Now that the United States has decided to take Asia as its key objective for its strategy to "double the export," it is bound to pay more attention to and focus on strengthening exchanges and cooperation with Asia's largest economy China, which is beneficial for promoting the development of China-U.S. relations.

Therefore, despite of the eastward shift of the U.S. strategy to the Asia-Pacific region, China-U.S. relations will not be reversed. The basic situation in China's surrounding environment and the International environment has not changed. The opportunities still outweigh the challenges. China's period of strategic opportunities will continue.

Read the Chinese version: 影响世界的中国力量, source: Jiefang Daily, author: Yin Chengde

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