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How can reoccurrence of school tragedies be prevented? (2)

(People's Daily Online)

08:40, December 19, 2012

Put aside the reason for the U.S. school shooting incident. In the case the incident in Henan, why isn't there a security guard in a school with more than 300 children? Why are the suspected mental patients free to get in and out of the school? The related department in the county refused to receive an interview and even blocked the news, the education bureau staff played games in office and the relevant leaders questioned reporters about the meaning of discussions of the incident, which all reflect the inevitability behind the vicious event.

The social blind spots were exposed from the injuries of 22 children and each blind spot may be a trap devouring lives. Therefore, it requires more scientific and finer management methods and more responsible attitudes to eliminate these blind spots.

It has a necessary social attribution about the campus incidents of violence. However, it also is a bias to throw all the blames on society. People with antisocial personality exist in any times and society, which is independent of man's will.

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