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Senegalese girl studies Chinese medicine (2)


15:45, December 12, 2012

Awa welcomed us to her dorm, where this tiny little room that she believes carried her dreams and hopes for the future. She doesn't have to worry about tuition fees, thanks to a Chinese Government Scholarship. But a life without family beside her is still hard. Despite sometimes feeling lonely, she says nothing can stop her pursuing her goal. Even for Chinese people, memorizing more than 365 acupuncture points is no easy task.

Awa is one of the numerous African students that come to China each year to pursue their dreams in the country. According to the Ministry of Education, tens of thousands of international students were awarded for Chinese Government Scholarships in 2011. Over 20 percent of these scholarships were provided to African students, which mean China has helped over 6000 African students pursue their career goals.

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sn at 2013-01-09142.255.44.*
Congratulations to the Senegalese sister in pursuing her education dream in China and infinite thanks to the Chinese government and people for making it happen. ChinAfricans relations can only get stronger and stronger through these kind of channels. Long live China , Long Live Africa.

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