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Confidence rises for China-Africa co-operation (2)

By Ma Hailiang (China Economic Net)

08:53, December 06, 2012

Second, the Report attaches the upmost importance to the development of agriculture, proposing that coordination between urbanization and agricultural modernization and the integration of urban and rural development are fundamental solutions to the issues of agriculture, rural areas and farmers. This provides new opportunities for the development of agriculture in Africa. In the process of the integrated development of China's rural areas and the urban areas, a large number of agricultural personnel will change careers. There are vast land resources and abundant of labor resource in Africa, but technology, capital, and talent are lacking, whereas China's agricultural industry possesses mature experience, human resources, and technology. China's agricultural enterprises can go to make investment in Africa, and the development prospects of the agricultural cooperation between China and Africa are vast.

Third, the Report stresses that China will follow the path of peaceful development, mutual prosperity, and mutual benefits. Western countries generally have strings attached when they are cooperating with Africa. China, however, will stick to mutual benefit and win-win strategy and will not interfere with Africa's internal affairs, which accords with the will of the people and provides a solid foundation for the development and prosperity of the cooperation between China and Africa.

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