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Top 8 November destinations in China (8)


10:50, November 05, 2012


Top 1:Fragrant Hills Park, Beijing (北京香山公园)

Some twenty kilometers west of downtown Beijing, Fragrant Hills Park, or Xiangshan Park, is the most popular place for observing autumn hues. Covering an area of 160 hectares, the park is covered with more than 260,000 maples, ginkgos, smoke trees, pine and other trees. Each November, leaves begin to change color, making the area an ideal spot to take in the glories of autumn.

The Fragrant Hills Red Leaves Festival has been held every year since 1989. In 2011, the festival opened on October 12th, and will last until November 16th. So, if you're searching for an autumn and wanting to find a colorful fairyland, don't hesitate, just pack up and go! more photos>>

Travel tips:

Admission: 15 yuan

Opening hours: 6:00 --18:30

Best time to visit: mid-October to mid-November

Getting there: Bus No. 318, 331, 360, 563, 630, 696, 714 to Xiangshan; No. 331, 505, 563, 696, Te 5, Yuntong 112 to Xiang Quan Huan Dao. Subway Line 4 to north gate of the Summer Palace, Exit A1, and then transfer 563 to Xiangshan Park.

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