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Top 8 November destinations in China (4)


10:50, November 05, 2012


Top 5: Yaoli Town, Jiangxi (江西瑶里)

Yaoli, located in the northern area of Jingdezhen City, is the birthplace of the world famous 'Jingdezhen porcelain'. Back in the Tang Dynasty (618-907), many porcelain workshops were established in Yaoli, and some still exist today. Even after thousands of years, the ancient streets, houses, porcelain kilns and wharfs still maintain their original look. Besides its time-honored culture, the town, which is situated between Huangshan, Huashan, Sanqing and Jiuhua mountains, also boasts amazing natural scenery. After October each year, the leaves on the town's Gingko trees gradually turn yellow, making Yaoli a truly golden place to enjoy autumn.

Travel tips:

Admission: 150 yuan

Getting there: Take a tour bus from Jingdezhen to Yaoli; or take the long-distance coach from Huhan, Hefei, Nanchang to Yaoli.

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