Indonesian students relish intangible cultural heritage in China

(Xinhua) 11:11, July 11, 2024

GUIYANG, July 10 (Xinhua) -- A group of nearly 40 teachers and students from Indonesia have immersed themselves in the rich folk culture and ethnic customs of southwest China during an ongoing trip to the mountainous province of Guizhou.

The Indonesian visitors are in Guizhou to attend the 2024 "Chinese Bridge" summer camp. Since the event started on July 1, the group have visited various places including the cities of Guiyang and Bijie, and Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture to experience intangible cultural heritage skills such as paper cutting, Tai Chi, as well as the making of hot and sour fish soup and medicine sachets.

They also engaged in lively discussions about topics such as natural heritage, intangible cultural heritage, ethnic costumes and food culture.

Geraldine Patricia, a junior majoring in Chinese language at ABA International Bandung in Indonesia, is in Guizhou for the first time. The trip "not only broadens my horizon, but also gives me the opportunity to learn more about Chinese culture," said Patricia.

Her schoolmate, Richard Halim, is in love with Chinese martial arts and has been practicing martial arts for seven years. In order to have a deeper understanding of Chinese culture, Halim decided to major in Chinese language in college.

Halim said the summer camp has offered the Indonesian students a chance to understand the local culture of Guizhou, taste its specialty cuisine, and enjoy China's beautiful natural environment.

"I hope I can work in a joint venture of China and Indonesia in the future and contribute to the economic and trade exchanges between the two countries," Halim said.

Jonatan Edrik Tanoto, 17, will study data science and policy studies at the Chinese University of Hong Kong in September this year.

Tanoto has been impressed by the development of Chinese internet companies and the growing reputation of Chinese enterprises in the world. "In the past, it was 'made in China,' and now it is 'created in China.' I hope that my personal development can be integrated into China's industrial development in the future."

Looking ahead, Tanoto hopes that cooperation between China and Indonesia will continue to deepen and provide more opportunities for the young people.

"We aspire for the 'Chinese Bridge' summer camp to sow a seed of friendship in their hearts, which will flourish in the future," said Xia Jiangyi, an official at Guizhou Normal University, the host of the summer camp.

"By fostering connections among the youth, we seek to strengthen cultural trust and promote economic and trade collaboration between the peoples of China and Indonesia," Xia added.

(Web editor: Zhang Kaiwei, Liang Jun)


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