Eye-pleasing and flavorful: A glimpse of floral feast in SW China Yunnan

(People's Daily Online) 10:18, April 01, 2024

In southwest China's Yunnan Province, mesmerizing flowers not only please the eye, but also conquer the taste buds.

Photo shows edible fresh flowers used as food ingredients by cooks in southwest China's Yunnan Province. (Photo by Jiang Yuhan)

As the spring breeze blows open various flowers, Yunnan Province, known as the "Kingdom of Plants,” has entered its flower blooming season. Various kinds of flowers, including cherry blossoms, azaleas, pear flowers, and Vernicia fordii flowers, are in full bloom across the province, filling the air with enchanting fragrances.

Photo shows dishes made with edible fresh flowers by cooks in southwest China's Yunnan Province. (Photo by Jiang Yuhan)

While Yunnan's picturesque floral landscapes frequently go viral, attracting flocks of tourists to the province, local people are entertaining guests with floral feasts.

Chefs in Yunxian county, Lincang city of Yunnan, recently crafted a special floral menu with dishes incorporating over a dozen edible fresh flowers using cooking methods like deep frying, steaming, braising, stir frying, stewing, and boiling. The vibrant colors and aromatic flavors make for a mouth-watering spread.

(Web editor: Hongyu, Liang Jun)


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