'I'm so excited to have opportunity to serve my country and people,' says Taiwan-born NPC deputy from Hong Kong

By Xing Xiaojing, Xu Keyue and Dong Wanhe (Global Times) 09:55, March 05, 2024

Ling Yu-shih File Photo: Xinhua

Ling Yu-shih File Photo: Xinhua

"I am an ordinary Taiwan-born scholar who later went to Hong Kong and had the opportunity to serve the country and the people. I'm so excited to participate in the two sessions," Ling Yu-shih, a deputy to the 14th National People's Congress (NPC) from Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR), told the Global Times on Monday.

Ling brought her proposals related to education and culture during the two sessions. As a Taiwan-born lawmaker who is based in Hong Kong, she also pays attention to policies and proposals related to the two regions.

As this year marks the 5th anniversary of the release of the Outline Development Plan for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, "Hong Kong's mega-event economy" and "Hong Kong's economic prospects" have become the focus of public attention.

"In the process of promoting Chinese modernization and building high-quality development, the Greater Bay Area has achieved a lot, with Hong Kong playing an important role," said Ling, who previously served as a senior research director in the Central Policy Unit in the government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

"Hong Kong has fully utilized its technological advantages in trade, 'dual carbon' initiatives, and agricultural product improvement, as well as its expertise in accounting, law, and property rights protection, actively participating in the construction of the Greater Bay Area," she told the Global Times.

Given that China has maintained good cooperation with Arab countries for a long time, Ling believes that there is potential for investment in the Greater Bay Area from Middle Eastern Arab countries.

She explained that compared to the virtual economy, Middle Eastern investors prefer to invest in the real economy. The relationship between China and the Arab world has a long history and the two sides have similar cultural backgrounds. Middle Eastern funds could become a new growth investment driver for the Greater Bay Area. The future Greater Bay Area will definitely be a combination of tradition and innovation, with diverse elements in an internationalized region, she said.

During the two sessions, Ling proposed that the successful experience of Hong Kong and Macao under the principle of One Country, Two Systems should be better demonstrated to the island of Taiwan. She mentioned that Hong Kong universities could try to promote its attraction to Taiwan students, and more cross-Straits civic activities could be held.

After the "malicious collision incident" in which Taiwan authorities chased a mainland fishing boat and caused it to capsize in waters near Kinmen Island, just a few kilometers off Xiamen city, Fujian Province, leading to the deaths of two mainland fishermen on February 14, the DPP authorities did not express any apologies and even tried to cover up the truth and shift the blame.

When discussing the tense situation in the Xiamen-Kinmen waters, Ling told the Global Times that "My father, who was a former deputy naval commander of the Kuomintang Navy, participated in the 1958 Taiwan Straits Crisis [also known as the Artillery Action against Kinmen in China]. People on both sides of the Straits agree that it was a civil war among the Chinese people to resolve internal conflicts. No matter how it was fought, the one-China principle was never abandoned. Not advocating for 'Taiwan independence' and not betraying the country are the consensus between the two sides."

Ling said Taiwan regional authorities clearly tried to elevate the Xiamen-Kinmen waters to the so-called "Taiwan sovereignty," but in fact, China's territorial sovereignty has not been divided, and the Xiamen-Kinmen waters belong to China.

The Chinese lawmaker stated that there is no such thing as a "Taiwan sovereignty issue." Fishermen from both sides of the Straits have been fishing together in the Xiamen-Kinmen waters for generations, helping each other, demonstrating the deep-seated affection between the Chinese people on both sides. The rhetoric of the DPP authorities exposes their serious "Taiwan independence" attempts, she added.

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