Qianxi in SW China's Guizhou cultivates big Miao embroidery industry

(People's Daily Online) 10:26, February 08, 2024

Yang Wenli (C) and other embroiderers introduce Miao embroidery artworks in Huawu village in Qianxi city, southwest China's Guizhou Province. (Photo/Guizhou Daily)

Yang Wenli, a villager from Huawu village in Qianxi city, southwest China's Guizhou Province, walked out of a Miao embroidery workshop with a pair of wax-dyed pants on her arm. This batch of 500 pairs of jeans, hand-dyed with wax and paired with hand-embroidered Miao designs, has become a hit among young people, she said.

In 2017, Yang used her savings and borrowed money to purchase a second-hand embroidery machine for 230,000 yuan ($31,955). Despite the initial lack of demand for machine-embroidered products, Yang remained determined.

For two years, she persevered and successfully created a market for Miao embroidery. In 2019, she established a Miao embroidery workshop in Huawu village, collaborating with local villagers to further expand the market for this traditional craft.

To make Miao embroidery patterns more fashionable, Yang simplified the designs and incorporated a touch of fashion. She established a research and development (R&D) team, conducted market research, and introduced innovative patterns and styles to Miao embroidery clothing. She also ventured into creating cultural and creative products like bags and scarves.

"Machine embroidery is efficient and cost-effective, making it suitable for large-scale production, while hand embroidery is time-consuming and expensive, focusing on quality. By combining the two methods, they complement each other," Yang said.

Photo shows Miao embroidery artworks in Huawu village in Qianxi city, southwest China's Guizhou Province. (Photo/Guizhou Daily)

To enhance the reach and impact of Miao embroidery, it is crucial to expand the production scale. Recognizing this, the local government took proactive measures by constructing factories and offering free access to embroidery and sewing machines to embroiderers in Huawu village.

The village also sought policy support and assistance in recruiting workers. As a result of these efforts, Yang's Miao embroidery workshop experienced remarkable success in 2023, with sales surpassing 2 million yuan. Moreover, this achievement led to the creation of employment opportunities for over 40 people.

There are over 20 Miao embroidery family workshops in Huawu village, contributing to various industries such as production, exhibition, cultural studies, and tourism related to Miao embroidery.

"The strategy of establishing headquarters, an R&D center, and market in Guangdong Province, along with a production base in Guizhou has attracted 10 companies to the region. This development has created employment opportunities for over 500 people. Notably, the production of more than 2 million fashionable Miao embroidery garments has generated a total output value of approximately 40 million yuan," said Peng Yang, the person in charge of a Miao embroidery industry park project of the Colorful Guizhou Cultural Industry Investment Group Co., Ltd.

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