U.S. urged to honor its commitment on one-China policy

(Xinhua) 10:01, January 18, 2024

BEIJING, Jan. 17 (Xinhua) -- China on Wednesday urged the United States to abide by its one-China policy, which has been reaffirmed by U.S. President Joe Biden many times.

Chen Binhua, a spokesperson for the State Council Taiwan Affairs Office, made the comments in response to a media query concerning Biden's remarks after the conclusion of Taiwan leadership and legislature elections that the United States does not support "Taiwan independence."

The Taiwan question is at the very core of China's core interests, and is the most important and sensitive issue in China-U.S. relations, Chen said.

Regarding the visit to Taiwan by a delegation led by former U.S. officials, Chen said the recent election outcomes will not change the fact that there is but one China in the world and Taiwan is part of China.

China's stance of opposing any official contact between the United States and China's Taiwan region is consistent and clear, Chen noted.

"We urge the United States to abide by the one-China principle and the three joint communiques between China and the United States, take concrete actions to honor its commitment of not supporting 'Taiwan independence,' and stop sending wrong signals to separatist forces for 'Taiwan independence,'" said Chen.

(Web editor: Zhang Kaiwei, Liang Jun)


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