Young couples turn to newspaper wedding announcements in new trend

(People's Daily Online) 09:42, December 20, 2023

A couple pose for a photo at the Jiangxin Park in Fuzhou, southeast China’s Fujian Province. The park reopened on May 20, 2023, after a six-month renovation. This park, unique for its love-centered theme, is the first of its kind in the city. (China News Service/Lyu Ming)

During the year-end and New Year's period, the wedding market experiences a surge in activity, with a new trend emerging among young people: publishing wedding announcements in newspapers. This blend of traditional and modern practices is becoming a favored way for couples to announce their marriage.

This practice is seen as a fresh and romantic way to declare marriage, and it has gained traction in Chinese provinces such as Fujian, Hubei, Hebei, and Guangdong.

"For 270 yuan ($38), we published our wedding announcement in the Fuzhou Evening News, and we plan to frame and preserve this newspaper forever," said a couple from Fuzhou, the capital city of southeast China’s Fujian Province, on Dec. 2.

The bride, surnamed Lin, said having their marriage announcement published in a local media outlet is a special, uniquely romantic gesture.

Zhang Weiyi, a native of Fuzhou born in the 1990s, considers the practice of publishing wedding announcements in newspapers an escape from traditional societal norms. It offers couples the freedom to celebrate their weddings in ways that align more closely with their personal preferences.

Feng Fapeng, president of the Fuzhou Marriage Service Industry Association, believes this practice simplifies wedding procedures and customs. He added that it's cost-effective, offering both commemorative and collectible value.

This photo, taken in November 2021, captures a couple during their honeymoon. A growing number of young couples choose to celebrate their marriage with a honeymoon. (Photo courtesy of Zhang Weiyi)

In addition to publishing wedding announcements in newspapers, honeymoons have become increasingly popular among young people. Writing words of blessing on the beach and in the snow has also gained significant popularity across various social media platforms, sparking new business ventures, with services offered at prices ranging from 5 to over 10 yuan.

Shang Lingfa, a young entrepreneur from Qingdao in east China's Shandong Province, identified the business potential of writing blessings in the snow in 2016.

He started offering this service on Idle Fish, or Xianyu, a second-hand mobile marketplace derived from Alibaba's Taobao. The inspiration came from his friends in the southern regions who asked him to write snow blessings.

In Heihe, located in northeast China's Heilongjiang Province, Dan Gao (a pseudonym), an art student, found that drawing on paper was lacking in novelty. She decided to draw and write blessings in the snow instead.

Customers who use her services often compliment her delightful creations, which brings her happiness. The recipients of these snow gifts also appreciate the givers' thoughtfulness.

(Web editor: Hongyu, Liang Jun)


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