China says recent respiratory infections are caused by known epidemic pathogens

(Xinhua) 13:44, November 25, 2023

BEIJING, Nov. 24 (Xinhua) -- The recent respiratory infectious diseases reported by monitoring systems and hospitals across China were caused by known epidemic pathogens, the National Health Commission (NHC) said Friday.

The pathogens mainly include influenza virus, mycoplasma pneumoniae, adenovirus and respiratory syncytial virus.

The commission has instructed localities to ensure the implementation of classified diagnosis and treatment, and strengthen technical guidance for primary-level medical facilities to enhance their capabilities, according to Hu Qiangqiang, a spokesperson for the NHC, at a press briefing.

The commission has also asked localities to make public information about medical facilities with pediatric services, to help parents find the nearest hospital to them, said the official.

The NHC also unveiled a circular issued by the State Council joint COVID-19 prevention and control mechanism on the prevention and control of COVID-19 and other major infectious diseases during winter and spring.

According to the document, a number of respiratory diseases, such as COVID-19, flu and mycoplasma infection, might be viral at the same time in China during this winter and next spring.

The circular laid out a series of key measures for prevention and control, including strengthening epidemic prevention and control at ports, consistently implementing dynamic monitoring and early warning of the diseases, and strengthening the preparedness for medical treatment.

(Web editor: Zhang Wenjie, Liu Ning)


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