Inspirational tour across China: Tanzanian officer commends BRI for promoting global cooperation and connectivity

By Peng Yukai, Zhou Yu, Zhang Rong (People's Daily Online) 16:52, October 13, 2023

Yahya Nawanda, the Regional Commissioner of Simiyu in Tanzania, lauded the pivotal role the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) plays in fostering global cooperation and facilitating people to people exchanges between nations.

In an exclusive interview with People’s Daily Online recently, Nawanda expressed his appreciation for the BRI's capacity to strengthen international ties.

“We [China and Tanzania] have a very good relationship in terms of promoting the exchanges between our people and youth,” he said, adding that the BRI serves as a platform for countries to learn from China’s progress and for those lessons to benefit their own populations.

Nawanda spoke highly of BRI projects in Tanzania, with a special mention of the transformative impact of the Tanzania-Zambia railway, a collaborative effort between China, Tanzania and Zambia.

“The Tanzania-Zambia railway project helps connect a lot of people from Tanzania and Zambia,” he said, further highlighting its significance for Zambia, a landlocked country, by simplifying the transportation of goods.

During the interview, Nawanda pointed out that the relationship between China and Tanzania has been significantly strengthened thanks to the BRI, and he enthusiastically conveyed his optimistic expectations for further progress.

“We need to take back home everything we are studying and witnessing, so that we can help our people and our nations,” he said.

(Web editor: Wu Chaolan, Liang Jun)


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