Discover hot pot chicken: A distinctive local cuisine in Cangzhou, N China's Hebei Province

By Yuan Meng, Zhang Wenjie, Zhou Linjia, Zhao Zhao, Álvaro Lago (People's Daily Online) 08:50, August 04, 2023

Hot pot chicken, a distinctive local cuisine in Cangzhou, north China's Hebei Province, perfectly marries Sichuan's spicy hot pot tradition with tender chicken. At its base, a rich broth made from beef bones is seasoned with a blend of chili bean paste, chili peppers, and Chinese herbs. This flavorful combination is enhanced by the soulful condiment of aged vinegar and minced garlic, elevating the hotpot chicken experience.

This dish is celebrated for its spiciness, freshness, and fragrance and serves as a unique cultural symbol of Cangzhou, known as the "hometown of martial arts." The flavors of hot pot chicken resonate with the warm and generous spirit of the Cangzhou people. For locals, a favorite summer pastime is sitting beside the ancient Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, savoring a steamy hot pot chicken outdoors.

(Web editor: Zhang Wenjie, Wu Chengliang)


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