The journey of green soybeans: from field to table

(Xinhua) 11:43, June 22, 2023

A farmer harvests green soybeans in fields at night in Guancang of Jintang County, Chengdu of southwest China's Sichuan Province, June 19, 2023. Guancang Community is an agricultural production center in Jintang County of Chengdu, with an annual production of green soybean of 82,000 tonnes and annual value output of 320 million yuan (about 44.57 million U.S. dollars).

Local green soybeans have entered the harvest season in recent days, which are sent from fields to people's tables through a series of processing in half a day. (Xinhua/Shen Bohan)


(Web editor: Peng Yukai, Kou Jie)


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