Feature: Chinese cars gain recognition in Angola's auto market

(Xinhua) 09:46, June 20, 2023

LUANDA, June 19 (Xinhua) -- The first edition of Luanda Expo Car 2023 concluded Sunday after five days of exhibition in Luanda, the capital of Angola. On the last day of the event, Chinese expositors continued attracting the interest of local visitors.

Sitting inside a newly launched UNI-K model from Changan Automobile, a state-owned automobile manufacturer headquartered in Jiangbei, Chongqing in southwest China, Alfredo Massango, a visitor, told Xinhua: "It's a beautiful car. It seems to be very comfortable and spacious inside. Now, we need to find out about its performance, but the first impression is very positive. I believe it will be well-received in Angola."

According to him, Chinese cars are becoming a "good alternative" for Angolan consumers, surpassing the brands that previously dominated Angola's automotive market since Chinese brands convey a greater sense of technology, equivalent performance, and better value for money.

At this automotive fair, Chinese car brands such as Changan, Jetour, Gac Motor, and Dongfeng occupied a large exhibition area. Changan's exhibition area was the largest among those Chinese brands, and the launch of two new models in the Angolan market was also announced during the five-day event held from June 14 to 18.

Moises Jonico, sales and marketing director of Changan, says that Chinese brands have strong competitiveness in the Angolan market. Chinese cars are valued for their technology, functionality, and comfort, which arouses great interest and preference among Angolan consumers.

"China is one step ahead in terms of technology and functionality in their car models. In our market, every high-tech vehicle is seen as something new. China has encouraged us, as Angolan consumers, to abandon the habit of using traditional cars and seek more technology and functionality," he said.

He also told Xinhua that Chinese electric cars have a great advantage. Currently, most vehicles imported to Angola are gasoline-powered. Still, he believed that if Angola provides political support for electric cars and expands the charging infrastructure, China's new energy vehicles will also perform excellently in Angola.

"This new technology from Chinese brands, with electric cars and less pollution, represents the future. It will benefit society and the world, both for vehicle users and automobile enthusiasts in Angola," he said.

Jairo Santos, sales director of Jetour, said that due to the high quality, comfort, and advancements in mechanical and electronic technology demonstrated by the brand's models, Jetour had become one of the most popular brands in the Angolan market and is widely accepted by consumers.

"The acceptance is very positive, the feedback from our partners and customers is very good, and we are very satisfied," he said, adding that.

"But we are even more ambitious because we want to do more. We don't want to stop here; we want to sell much more. Currently, we have been in the market for about five years. We believe that we will continue to win over and please the hearts of Angolans, and with our work, we hope to change the automotive market in Angola," he added.

He recalled that entering the Angolan market was a challenging process for Jetour, but through the continuous efforts of the Chinese brand, the barriers of prejudice regarding the quality of Chinese cars have been overcome.

"Now, the situation is completely different. Other Chinese brands that entered Angola after Jetour found a smoother and more convenient path thanks to the presence of Jetour. The Angolan and African markets already recognize that Chinese brands are good," he noted.

Some university students from Angola were excitedly experiencing a 7-seater MPV of GAC motor. "I have been to China, and this car is very popular there. I really like it. I am happy to see it in the Angolan market, and the price is also affordable. I am recommending it to my friends, and if possible, this spacious Chinese car can take us on a trip with many people," said one of the students.

Hilaria Espalanga, an employee of Guangzhou-based GAC Motor in south China's Guangdong province, stated that the brand is new in the Angolan market, and their participation in the exhibition has been very helpful for brand expansion.

"Many customers like our brand, thanks to our vehicles that are here to demonstrate safety, stability, and technology," she said.

The car exhibition received registrations from more than 80 exhibitors of the approximately 200 active automotive sector players in the Angolan market. According to the organizer's statement, the event received 6,000 visitors.

(Web editor: Zhang Kaiwei, Liang Jun)


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