Extraordinary scene captured of herrings gathering in SW China’s Yunnan

(People's Daily Online) 14:40, October 12, 2022

Recently, a local photographer captured the rare and extraordinary scene of herrings lining up in Fuxian Lake in Yuxi city, southwest China’s Yunnan Province. Hundreds of herrings gathered together, with some forming into a circle and others lining up in a straight line, creating an extraordinary scene.

The “herring squad” has been one of the spectacles in Fuxian Lake. While the government has been enhancing the protection of the environment and biodiversity of Fuxian Lake in the recent years, the number of endemic fish species like the herring have grown. Meanwhile, the fruit falling off from the banyan trees around the lake have also attracted some herrings to eat them. All of these factors have added to the reappearance of a rare spectacle. 

The “herring squad” can be seen in Fuxian Lake in Yuxi city, southwest China’s Yunnan Province (Photo/Liu Guineng)


(Web editor: Peng Yukai, Du Mingming)


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