Water supply of SW China's Guizhou greatly improved thanks to efforts of past five years

(People's Daily Online) 10:50, December 27, 2021

Photo shows the Xiangjiang River in Zunyi city, Guizhou Province. (Photo/Liu Meiling)

Southwest China's Guizhou province has improved its water supply system over the past five years, providing cleaner and safer water for over 7.4 million people.

With a total investment of 168 billion yuan (about $26.37 billion) in water conservancy projects, the province has built 376 key water source projects, implemented 241 projects to harness small and medium-sized rivers, reinforced 185 dilapidated reservoirs, and brought under control soil erosion on 13,393 square kilometers of land.

Qingzhen city in the province built a holistic water supply network covering both its rural and urban areas. Supported by the network, which includes three major water plants, namely Xiguan, Yingyan, and Lianhuashan, the city has a daily supply of 90,000 tonnes of water.

Photo shows the Xiguan Water Plant in Qingzhen city. (Photo/Liu Meiling)

Thanks to the Xiguan Water Plant, residents in Shiniu village have gained access to safe drinking water. According to a villager, there is hardly any incrustation now. And the price has fallen to 2 yuan per cubic meter from 2.5 yuan.

“The improvement of water quality is a huge leap for rural residents,” remarked Zhao Xianlun, head of the water authority of Qingzhen.

In addition, Zunyi city in the province built the Xinhuadagou Reservoir and regulated waterways. “The Xinhuadagou Reservoir is the first key water source project in the city’s Honghuagang district over the past 38 years,” introduced Zhu Sheng, director of a service center for major water sources in the district. Zhu added that the project provided drinking water for 21,000 people and irrigation water for over 5,000 mu of fields (about 333.33 hectares).

Photo shows the Hailong Reservoir in Zunyi city. (Photo/Liu Meiling)

With this newly-built project, residents of Jindingshan town, who used to suffer from frequent water outages, now have a consistent water supply.

Besides, Honghuagang district invested over 470 million yuan to relocate 4,756 residents from the areas near the Hongyan and Hailong Reservoirs, which provide water for the central urban area of Zunyi, guaranteeing the quality of drinking water. 

Photo shows the Xinhuadagou Reservoir in Zunyi city. (Photo/Liu Meiling)

(Web editor: Hongyu, Liang Jun)


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