Xi Jinping on building community of life for man, nature

(Xinhua) 11:19, October 09, 2021

BEIJING, Oct. 8 (Xinhua) -- China on Friday issued a white paper to introduce its actions on biodiversity conservation and share its achievements in the sector.

The white paper, titled "Biodiversity Conservation in China," said China upholds the philosophy of harmonious coexistence between humanity and nature, prioritizes biodiversity conservation and seeks green development.

Chinese President Xi Jinping has, on many occasions, commented on the relationship between people and nature, and called for efforts to create a community of life for man and nature. The following are some highlights of his quotes.

-- Faced with unprecedented challenges in global environmental governance, the international community needs to come up with unprecedented ambition and action. We need to act with a sense of responsibility and unity, and work together to foster a community of life for man and nature.

-- Ecology is resource, wealth and treasure.

-- Man and nature form a community of life; we, as human beings, must respect nature, follow its ways, and protect it.

-- We only have one Earth. Protecting ecological environment and pushing sustainable development are our joint obligations.

-- A sound ecological environment is the basic foundation for the sustainable development of humanity and society.

-- One of the key characteristics of China's socialist modernization is human-nature harmony.

-- The development model of "killing the hens for eggs" and "draining the lake for fish" is at a dead end. The future will be illuminated by eco-friendly development that is in accordance with the rules of nature.

-- We shall protect ecosystems as preciously as we protect our eyes, and cherish them as dearly as we cherish our lives.

-- Recognizing that "our solutions are in nature," we could strive to find development opportunities while preserving nature, and achieve win-win in both ecological conservation and high-quality development. 

(Web editor: Shi Xi, Liang Jun)


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