China brings prosperity to its people in equal manner, experts say

(Xinhua) 09:06, September 30, 2021

BEIJING, Sept. 29 (Xinhua) -- China has brought prosperity to its people using the principles of equality and non-discrimination and offered experience to other countries, experts from across the world have said.

China has achieved moderate prosperity in all respects through the consistent hard work and wisdom of the Chinese people, according to a white paper titled "China's Epic Journey from Poverty to Prosperity" issued by the State Council Information Office on Tuesday.

The main driving force behind China's journey and struggle from poverty to prosperity is a people-centered approach adhered to by the Communist Party of China (CPC), which prioritizes the Chinese people and their welfare, said Rizwan Naseer, a Pakistani strategic security analyst.

Under China's policy with the principles of equality and non-discrimination, all citizens are entitled to equal rights and respect, Naseer said.

Through its development, China has given the world the confidence that the ideal of a community with a shared future for mankind is achievable and other countries can also lift their people out of poverty, he said.

"China's modernization is characterized by seeking common prosperity, and balanced material and cultural progress for all," Patricio Giusto, director of the Sino-Argentine Observatory told Xinhua.

China's experience gives a new option to countries and regions seeking to achieve growth, he said.

Ahmed Waly, a former Egyptian diplomat and head of the Egypt-China Friendship Association, said China has strived for development in various fields including economy, science, technology, education, culture, environment, public health and community governance.

The fruits of development, such as high-speed rail and digital technology, can be enjoyed by the entire population, "which is beneficial to the whole society," he said.

China's contributions to the United Nations' goals of reducing global poverty can hardly be overestimated, and its success is important for many countries facing poverty, said Natalia Pecheritsa, director of the Center for the Asia-Pacific Region of the Russian New University. 

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