Trudeau wins third consecutive mandate in Canadian election

(Xinhua) 08:25, September 22, 2021

OTTAWA, Sept. 21 (Xinhua) -- Justin Trudeau remains Canada's prime minister after his Liberal Party won its third consecutive term to form a government in Monday's national election.

But Trudeau will lead a minority government as he did since the last federal vote in 2019, instead of a majority government he secured when he became Canada's 23rd prime minister in 2015.

On Monday night, the Liberals won 158 of the 338 federal ridings -- short of the 170 seats needed for a majority government.

Trudeau said he wanted a clear mandate to lead Canada through the COVID-19 pandemic when he called the national vote on Aug. 15.

In the next two years, the Liberals will have to work with other progressive parties in the House of Commons to pass legislation.

The left-of-center New Democratic Party, which appeared to have added two seats to the 24 it won in 2019, was a cooperative partner with the Liberals in the last parliament.

The Bloc Quebecois, a nationalist party that promotes sovereignty in the French-speaking province of Quebec and which on Monday was poised to claim 31 seats, will remain resolute in stipulating that any collaboration with the governing Liberals must consider the interests of Quebecers.

With the Green Party maintaining its two House seats, Trudeau could have enough support from the three liberal-minded opposition parties to proceed with his Liberal government's agenda to lead Canada through to the end of the pandemic and tackle such issues as housing affordability, childcare and reviving an economy amid rising prices for goods and services.

"Millions of Canadians have chosen a progressive plan," said Trudeau at a post-midnight victory speech in Montreal early Tuesday morning.

Six years ago, the then prime minister-designate spoke of how the "sunny ways" of positive politics his Liberal Party embraced.

In 2021, with a less-than-ideal outcome for his Liberals at the polls, Trudeau promised Canadians "brighter days ahead" and concluded his televised address with the message: "Let us seize the promise of a brand-new day." 

(Web editor: Xia Peiyao, Liang Jun)


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