Hatching “political viruses” cannot gloss over America’s inadequate response to COVID-19

By Su Yingxiang (People's Daily Online) 10:14, August 12, 2021

Instead of rolling out effective measures to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, the White House has been seeking ways to conduct blatant political manipulation to reap private gains and contain China’s development over the past year, which has served to only disrupt the global fight against the pandemic.

(Cartoon by Lu Lingxing)

While permitting the uncontrolled spread of the coronavirus at home, the US has been manufacturing and spreading “political viruses” abroad. The country was responsible for hyping the so-called “Chinese virus” and “lab-leak theory” claims, and has attempted to politicize the scientific process of origin tracing. It’s now obvious to all that the US is deceiving the international society and spreading political lies.

The US is the world’s No.1 spreader of pandemic. As the No.1 major power in the world, the US has allowed the virus to be exported abroad, leading to a worsening epidemic situation in other countries. Washington has also continued to shift blame and has tried to use the World Health Organization as a mere tool in pursuit of its own interests.

The US side refused to implement quarantine measures, such as enforcing a mask mandate. What’s more, US personnel overseas attached little importance to the health of local communities and disrespected local quarantine regulations, which made the virus spread faster.

Turning a deaf ear to the opposition of the international community, the US went ahead with repatriating massive numbers of illegal immigrants, which made the pandemic situation in Latin American countries even worse.

Solidarity and cooperation are the only right choice for the international community to win the battle that is being waged between mankind and the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the US continues its brazen acts to poison the whole world.



(Web editor: Hongyu, Liang Jun)


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