Bian Lian: Western media and politicians change their tune on COVID-19 conspiracy theories

By Dennis Meng (People's Daily Online) 15:18, June 11, 2021

Editor’s Note:

COVID-19 is a hoax. Coronavirus is man-made. 5G spreads COVID-19. Masks are bad for our health...

Conspiracy theories surrounding COVID-19 like these had been flourishing in the past year, fed by politicians who were eager to deploy the Weapons of Mass Distraction to cover up their incompetence in fighting the pandemic, and fueled by media outlets that spared no effort in churning out confusing and prejudiced pieces based on groundless accusations and allegations.

As the global fight against the pandemic enters a second year, however, it is hoped that with more knowledge, better leadership, and deepened cooperation, lessons will be learned and conspiracies will be rejected. But unfortunately, a second wave of the old conspiracy theories has staged a comeback.

In the process, some politicians, scientists, media outlets and social media platforms seem to have mastered a technique seen in traditional Chinese opera called Bian Lian (literally ‘face-changing’). Out of thin air and almost at the same time, they’ve altered their attitudes, changed their tune, and flip-flopped. 


(Web editor: Meng Bin, Liang Jun)


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