China urges U.S. to listen to domestic rational voices on relations

(Xinhua) 10:47, May 22, 2021

BEIJING, May 21 (Xinhua) -- China on Friday urged the U.S. administration and Congress to listen to domestic rational voices on bilateral relations and take a correct view of China's development and China-U.S. relations.

Foreign ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian told a press briefing there are increasing objective and rational voices against demonizing China from insightful U.S. people. These voices are undoubtedly in the interests of the United States and the U.S. people.

According to a report on Politico, a U.S. political news site, more than 60 activist groups and at least four prominent lawmakers are stepping up their criticisms as the Senate pushes through a package of anti-China bills this week. The bills are backed by members of both parties and the White House. The activist groups are worried new anti-China policies will inflame racism against Asian Americans.

"The goal of China's development is to enable the Chinese people to live a happier and better life, not to compete with the United States," Zhao said.

He added that China is committed to developing a relationship with the United States that is non-confrontational and based on mutual respect and win-win cooperation.

On the other hand, he said China will continue firmly safeguarding its sovereignty, security, and development interests.

"We hope that the U.S. administration and Congress will listen to the objective and rational voices from all walks of life in the United States and take a correct view of China's development and China-U.S. ties. The United States should also stop unwarranted slandering of China, stop concocting negative China-related bills, and do more things conducive to the development of both countries and to world peace, stability and prosperity," Zhao said. 

(Web editor: Sheng Chuyi, Bianji)


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