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U.S. sanctions on Hong Kong nothing more than a grand gesture

By Zhang Qingbo (People's Daily Online)    18:16, June 01, 2020

The U.S. has successfully attracted the attention of the world's media in recent days, serving as a vivid demonstration of American "double standards" and the country's deteriorating political environment.

On the one hand, protests over the death of an unarmed African-American man in Minneapolis police custody have spread around the U.S.; on the other, the U.S. has threatened to impose economic sanctions on Hong Kong.

Despite suffering huge crises back home, the U.S. continues to intervene in other country's domestic affairs and even terminated its relationship with the World Health Organization. It is easy to see that as there will be a general election in the U.S. this year, the politicians need to find a scapegoat that can divert people's attention from domestic affairs.

However, as U.S. domestic affairs are in a state of chaos, the government is spending a great deal of energy blaming others, rather than dealing with the real issues. This is something that is beyond comprehension.

Perhaps the U.S., with its usual combination of conceit and insolence, believes its own "wishful thinking". The U.S. intends to mix things together, whether they are related to the country or not. It will deceive the people and the world by escalating problems and exporting its conflicts.

The logic behind the U.S.' threats of economic sanctions against Hong Kong is clear enough: firstly, the U.S. has been beset with domestic crises and is trying to drag China into the mire too; secondly, the U.S. is trying to tangle China in the same kind of political trouble that it is currently embroiled in; thirdly, the U.S. is trying to make China a scapegoat for its high COVID-19 death toll and domestic protests; fourthly, the U.S. considers itself to be the greatest country in the world and still has the final say in everything.

To put it bluntly, these are all stealthy political games being played by the U.S. and constitutes the "logic of pirates".

The U.S. has underestimated China's determination and insulted the intelligence of its people. It sees Chinese domestic affairs as a game, which is totally absurd. It is simply untenable and impossible to deceive the people.

On the one hand, Hong Kong is an inseparable part of China; the establishment and improvement of the legal system and enforcement mechanism for safeguarding national security in the Special Administrative Region is not a power that China shares with others, nor is it an issue that it needs to consult with others over.

Second, the U.S. has its own legislation on national security, which has the largest variety and coverage in the world. It is very obvious that the U.S. does whatever it wants but does not allow other countries to legislate to defend their national security.

Third, Beijing has the full right to announce new national security rules for Hong Kong, which is completely conducive to the cause of "one country, two systems" and the well-being of its Hong Kong compatriots. It is an imperative and timely moment for China to do so, and it is reasonable, legal, and in line with the practical needs and expectations from all walks of life.

There is no justification for the U.S. to impose sanctions on Hong Kong, and the sanctions are ludicrous, even stupid.

The U.S. understands that it cannot deny China's decision to legislate to establish and improve the legal system and enforcement mechanism for safeguarding national security in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

The U.S. also understands that even if it does impose sanctions on Hong Kong, it will emerge as the loser; it also understands that the criteria for evaluating the success of "one country, two systems" are not in its hands, and that the success of "one country, two systems" has been universally recognized.

The U.S. also understands that China does not want to get into trouble, but is not afraid of it, and has the ability to deal with it.

China advises the U.S. not to play any tricks, be kind and pragmatic, and not be too selfish. Only by solving its problems at home can the U.S. regain the dignity due to the "the greatest country in the world." Do not let "Make America Great Again" become an empty slogan. 

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