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24 Solar Terms | Cold Dew

(People's Daily Online)    17:34, October 08, 2019

Cold Dew season gets its name from the dew which is about to become frost as the weather begins to get chilly.

Cold Dew, the 17th of the 24 solar terms in the Chinese lunisolar calendar, starts on Oct. 8 and ends on Oct. 22 this year.

Compared with the Autumn Equinox, the temperature across the country during Cold Dew significantly drops and, during this period, most parts of northern China welcome autumn. Also, there will be less rain. So, which activities can we take?

First, we can go fishing. During the Cold Dew period, temperatures decrease quickly and sunshine cannot reach the deep water thoroughly. Therefore, fishes will all swim to shallow water areas where the water temperature is relatively high. This is the reason why people always say fishing in shallow water during the autumn does make sense.

Then, we can go hiking. This is one tradition in the Double Ninth Festival (on the ninth day of the ninth month in the Chinese calendar), which often falls around Cold Dew. In the Double Ninth Festival, people often climb hills with cornels, a kind of plant. This custom aims to dispel evil forces, and originated in the Eastern Han Dynasty (AD25-220).

Last but not least, we can make kippers. People of the Dong ethnic group in western Hunan province have a custom of making kippers during Cold Dew. It is said that kippers made on the day of Cold Dew with accessory foods, such as rice wine, salt, glutinous rice, pepper powder, paprika powder and ginger, are especially delicious.

During the Cold Dew period, autumn plants and fruits are ripe. So, do you know what we can eat and drink during this period?


First, Pomegranates. They are always cherished for their exquisite beauty, flavor, color, and health benefits for centuries. Once they are ripe, they will become the best-selling fruit in the grocery.

Second, Chrysanthemum wine. Chrysanthemums are the iconic flowers of Cold Dew. To prevent autumn dryness, many regions in China have the custom of drinking chrysanthemum wine. According to ancient records, drinking wine made with chrysanthemums, poria cocos mushroom and pine oleoresin grants people everlasting youth.

Third, hawthorns. It is a kind of fruit that is full of nutrition. For instance, the antioxidants in hawthorns are thought to boost heart health by strengthening blood vessels and stimulating blood flow. Therefore, extracts of the berries have long been used in herbal medicine.


Fourth, persimmons. This is a kind of fruit in a round shape and with an orange coloring. It has long been said that this kind of fruit is good for improving digestion. So, throughout history, it has always sold well.

Last but not least, crabs. It is said that crabs are full of different kinds of proteins and microelements, especially the female ones. During the Cold Dew period, female crabs are juicy enough. So, why not try them? 

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