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Radical protesters no different than terrorists

(People's Daily Online)    15:35, August 31, 2019

Bewitched by “Hong Kong independence” and “color revolutions”, the radical protesters in Hong Kong have engaged in all kinds of illegal and violent activities.

They assaulted the Legislative Council Building, besieged the agency of the central people’s government in Hong Kong and sullied the national flag and emblem.

The radicals collected and used explosives and other weapons. Not only did they lay siege to police stations and attack the police, they also made threats against the police and their families on the internet.

Meanwhile, they blocked roads and traffic; they committed arson and sabotaged public facilities. What’s worse, they smashed shops, destroyed personal property and even detained and beat innocent journalists and tourists.

Such practices exhibited a nature of terrorism, which is intolerable in any country or region and has to be restrained.

Under the ulterior motive of overthrowing the government, the fierce and aggressive force in Hong Kong has launched violent attacks, undermined social order, and endangered the physical safety of the police and the public, exposing its anti-human essence and causing great harm to society.

Whether to judge from China Counter-terrorism Law or from the internationally recognized definition of terrorism, the radical protesters are one of the same.

Supported by illicit funds and manipulated by foreign schemers, these people dressed in black, who colluded with Hong Kong independence upholders, are growing more extreme.

They may chant slogans of “democracy” and “freedom”, but the escalating violence is nothing but a slap in the face to the rule of the law.

Although protesters wore masks to cover their faces, innocent citizens have seen though their ugly intentions and the despicable schemes of the black hands behind them.

"Taiwan independence" forces as well as external hostile forces such as the US and Britain have conspired to destabilize Hong Kong. On the other hand, radical protesters have resorted to violence to deliberately cause chaos in the region.

Hong Kong is being pushed to the point of total disaster. It is time for order to be restored.

It is the only choice for Hong Kong to take measures to control violent radicals, to stop the violence and chaos and combat terrorism to protect the fundamental interests of the region. 

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