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Is the US to blame for what is going on in Hong Kong?

By Curtis Stone (People's Daily Online)    18:02, August 14, 2019

The chaos and violence in Hong Kong reached a new and troubling level on Tuesday. Radical protesters at Hong Kong’s airport seized a journalist from the Global Times, bound his hands and feet, and beat him. Images and videos of the extreme violence quickly circulated online, prompting anger in China and around the world.

These rioters have also thrown gasoline bombs at police and hurt tourists from the Chinese mainland. The shocking footage should serve as a reminder that the protests have devolved into mindless thuggery that goes against every law and regulation in any country and region.

As the protesters step up violence, it is obvious that what started as a protest against an extradition bill has become much more extreme. Other than lawful and peaceful demonstrations, the protests have gone far beyond their original intent. Chinese officials have pointed out that the situation in Hong Kong has the hallmarks of a “color revolution,” and evidence has emerged that foreign forces have interfered with the situation.

However, a question being raised is if the US is to blame for what is going on in Hong Kong.

Some Western media outlets are even claiming that China is blaming the United States and the West for the external interference to cover up internal problems.

US President Donald Trump on Tuesday said that many are blaming him and the United States for the problems going on in Hong Kong, adding that he cannot imagine why.

Well, not a single US politician has condemned the violence in Hong Kong. Rather, they have fanned the flames by sticking their noses into Hong Kong affairs.

There is no question that the United States has its hand in what is going on in Hong Kong, though to what extent is hard to measure.

Last Thursday, reports revealed a meeting between Julie Eadeh, the political unit chief for the US Consulate General in Hong Kong, and leading “Hong Kong Independence” activists. Their meeting in a hotel was captured by a Hong Kong citizen who posted the photo on social media.

The Trump administration has clearly signaled its support for protesters in Hong Kong. Officials have met with Hong Kong separatists in Washington and Hong Kong; there has been a host of public statements by US politicians and officials; and American flags have become a staple feature of the violent protests.

Two years ago, when violence broke out in Charlottesville, Virginia, US politicians condemned the violence and some called it terrorism. On the two-year anniversary, Hillary Clinton, the Democratic presidential nominee for 2016, took to social media to remind people about the dangers of violence, calling the person who drove a car into a crowd of people “a neo-Nazi.” However, hours later, in a separate tweet, Clinton called for support of the rioters in Hong Kong. It is a classic example of the double standard the United States applies to China.

Countries with rule of law have zero tolerance for violence, especially extreme violence, and acts of violence should always be condemned. There is no reason a different standard should apply to China. It is shameful that some US politicians aim to incite chaos in Hong Kong. 


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