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Whoever resists the historical trend will lose

(People's Daily Online)    18:10, June 21, 2019

The trade war provoked by the United States seems aggressive, and whether China can handle it or not has been the concern of various parties.

Although the answer is obviously "yes" based on the current situation, there are still a small number of U.S. worshipers shouting, "China can't hold on."

When the trade war just started, many people were not sure whether China could survive it, which was understandable. After all, the U.S. is a strong power, and its strikes on China seemed harsh and frightening. However, with effective countermeasures, China not only managed to weather trade bullying tactics, but also gave the bully a good hit in return. At this point, people started to believe that China could win the war.

To justify the trade war, the United States claims to be a victim in the global market. The truth is that America is undoubtedly the biggest beneficiary of economic globalization since the end of World War II. Along with globalization arose domestic issues, such as manufacturing outflows and fewer jobs.

To solve these problems requires strategic planning. America, however, resorted to trade bullying as a way to deal with them, forcing other countries and regions, including China, to make concessions. This is a dangerous move and will inevitably meet resistance. In fact, it is impossible for America to fight against China without hurting its own companies, workers and consumers.

While greedy America had no scruples about profiting from international trade, China impressed the world with the courage and composure to accept the challenge. Once again, China's ability to handle pressure was tested and increased in the confrontation.

The reason why China can win the trade war lies in that China's stance conforms to the historical trend. While the American government wants to take the same approach used in the 18th and 19th centuries to deal with the challenges brought by globalization, China has followed a path that suits the growing trend, which leads to economic growth.

Despite the trade bullying from America, China still adheres to its own path of development. It will continue to deepen reform and opening up, promoting the world economy and global governance.

The historical trend is irresistible. People who resist the historical pattern may get lucky and dodge the bullet temporarily. However, eventually, they will be weeded out in the flow of history. 

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