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Deaf Chinese girl accepted to study doctorate at Tsinghua University

(People's Daily Online)    17:40, June 21, 2018

Jiang Mengnan, a deaf girl with optimistic character, recently attracted attention across China when she was accepted to begin her doctoral education at the prestigious Tsinghua University, reported Yangtze Evening Post’s Ziniu News.

Born in central China in 1992, Mengnan went completely deaf when she was only six months old due to ototoxic drugs.

Her parents, who are both middle school teachers, began to teach their daughter how to speak and lip read, hoping that she would find it less difficult to integrate into society and communicate with others.

Mengnan learned to speak by first touching her parents' throats to feel the vocal cord vibrations. From here, she began to sound out syllables while copying the vibrations, then words and sentences when lip reading.

Mastering a single word can take at least 1,000 practice attempts for Mengnan, and different people having differing mouth movements added difficulty to her social contacts and school life when it came to lip reading.

It took a great deal of time for her to understand what was being discussed during school lectures, but all the effort paid off when she scored 615 marks during the college entrance exam and successfully enrolled into medicine school at Jilin University, a key national comprehensive university in China.

She went on to finish her graduate study in the same university, and now, her name is printed proudly on the admission list of Tsinghua University’s doctoral candidates.

She didn't expect her enrollment to Tsinghua University to attract such wide attention and high praise, Jiang admitted during an interview with Ziniu News.

During the interview, Jiang stressed that people with disabilities have no need to feel inferior, as they can do the same or even better than non-disabled people around them.

When God closes a door, he opens a window, and this girl believes that all challenges are gifts.

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