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Western political elections degraded to taking power instead of actions: experts

(People's Daily Online)    13:53, April 03, 2018

A slew of jaw-dropping political incidents in the Western democratic system have exposed that Western democracy is no longer able to coordinate all social efforts and that it is losing its function of guaranteeing the future development of relevant countries.

William Jones, Washington Bureau chief for the news magazine Executive Intelligence Review, said instead of falling back, the Western democratic system is tearing apart, and the process has been taking place for a relatively long period.

According to Western democracy, a ruling party or a leader selected by popular will and through competitions with other parties or party leaders within a competitive political party system can be regarded as a good one.

But Western political parties are nowadays being kidnapped by votes. To win more voters, a lot of candidates do their best in the election campaign, but when they are elected, they fail to fulfill their commitments.

For instance, former British Prime Minister David Cameron had thought wishfully that in any case, the Brexit referendum would not be passed, and he could use the failure to clamp down on the opposition politicians, consolidate his power, and put pressure on the European Union (EU).

But entrusting such a crucial political issue to the will of the voters who had limited and imbalanced information about the situation and that were easy to be blinded by short-term interests was undoubtedly an example of political gambling.

Due to his lack of responsibilities, Cameron had to step down as prime minister when the result of the referendum turned out to be otherwise.

During the referendum, leading Brexit campaigner Iain Duncan Smith fabricated a story that the "£350 million a week" Britain gave to the EU could be spent instead on the National Health Service (NHS). But after leaving the EU has become a fact, people are realizing that the costs to leave were much higher than they had thought.

Opinion polls have indicated that many people in the UK would like to stay in the EU and hope the Brexit process could be reversed. It was due to the self-interested conduct of the politicians that the UK was led into a period of chaos and confusion.

Italy’s Matteo Renzi launched the constitutional referendum with the aim of expanding the power of the government and to clear the way for political and economic reform as the following step. But the opposition party diverted the focus of the voters by pointing out that the referendum revealed Renzi’s attempt for dictatorship.

In his resignation speech, Renzi said in Italian politics no one ever loses and after every election everything stays the same.

The Western opposition parties are adept at taking advantage of dissatisfaction sentiments within the public by which they can win their support fast. But when they are elected as ruling parties, their actions make the public feel that it is being cheated.

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras came into power pledging to end austerity, but Athens is carrying forward more austere measures than ever before. The life of the Greeks will be harder if the Tsipras government follows in the footsteps of the former government leadership groups by once again making empty promises.

“The disadvantages of the Western political system are being exposed. People feel disappointed about old political parties yet at the same time the new ones lack experience ruling, as most of them gain support by making empty promises and inciting populism sentiments and will not solve any real problems,” said Alexander Lomanov, the chief researcher with the Institute of Far Eastern Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, who added that China’s new type of party system is of strong realistic significance. 

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