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Commentary: What gives India the right to intrude into Chinese territory? Nothing!

By Jia Xiudong (People's Daily Online)    17:46, August 03, 2017

On August 2, China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) published an official paper entitled “The Facts and China's Position Concerning Indian Border Troops Crossing of the China-India Boundary in the Sikkim Sector,” allowing the international community to become better acquainted with the facts of the issue. On July 24, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi also made brief but weighty comments on the issue.

The paper and the minister’s remarks sent out two messages. One, Indian border troops illegally intruded into China's territory. Two, the only way out is for India to withdraw its trespassing troops unconditionally.

India media first claimed that Chinese military forces “invaded into Indian territory illegally,” but Indian officials later changed the rhetoric by describing Doklam as a disputed area between China and Bhutan and expressed India’s concern over China’s road building activities in the area.

Those explanations are baseless in terms of present location, history, and law, as well as morality. Doklam has never been a disputed area between China and India.

India’s illegal intrusion has been clearly exposed. The MFA spokesperson unveiled a photo showings Indian troops and vehicles illegally crossing the border.

The China-India boundary in Sikkim Sector is delimited by the 1890 “Convention between Great Britain and China Relating to Sikkim and Tibet,” and is recognized by both Chinese and Indian governments.

However, the Indian side did not mention the convention in its latest statements but attempted to distort historical facts through its media propaganda.

India’s claim that “Doklam belongs to Bhutan’s territory” is also unreasonable. China and Bhutan have had 24 rounds of boundary talks since the 1980s. As a third party, India has no right to interfere in or impede those talks, still less the right to make territorial claims on Bhutan’s behalf.

India’s “security concern” over China’s road building activities is even more ridiculous. China's road building is being conducted entirely within Chinese territory.

Even if India’s “security concern” is considered legitimate, it is still wrong for India to send troops to cross a border and enter another country’s territory, and such conduct is intolerable for any country.

In fact, it is the Indian side that takes “protecting Bhutan” as an excuse to justify its boundary-crossing and entry into China and makes an issue of the Doklam area so as to hold back the China-Bhutan boundary negotiation, MFA spokesperson Geng Shuang pointed out on July 6.

The standoff reflects India’s misconduct is based on wrong history, disordered logic, and blind moral confidence, which is indefensible and can hardly win support for India.

China has the will to peacefully resolve the problem through diplomatic means and cherishes peace and harmony in its border areas, but it won't compromise on issues of territorial sovereignty. India's intention to indefinitely prolong the border standoff is doomed.

As Foreign Minister Wang Yi pointed out, the solution to the problem is very simple: India should conscientiously withdraw its troops.

The author is a commentator for People’s Daily and senior research fellow at the Chinese Institute of International Studies.

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