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China’s new diplomatic roadmap shows world vision

(People's Daily Online)

17:19, May 30, 2013

China’s Premier Li Keqiang's trip to Asia and Europe has just concluded on May 27. On May 31, President Xi Jinping will start his state visit to Latin America and the United States. The “password” of China's new diplomatic roadmap is gradually getting clear with the new leaders’ footprint.

Accurate position brings the right direction

"China's diplomacy possesses a world feeling," said Ruan Zongze, deputy director of China Institute of International Studies. “China’s perspective does not only limit to Asia. It has an international perspective and global vision. The country concerns about the fate of the mankind, in particular the development issues. But China, as the largest developing country, will never be a 'menace', but with the attitude of an inclusive and mutual learning. China will provide public goods to the world and share its development opportunities with the international community through resources, marketing, innovation and other means.”

Wu Xinbo, director of the Center for American Studies, Fudan University, said resources of China’s new diplomacy is more focused on neighboring countries and developing countries. This is related with China’s multiple identities in the diplomatic arena.

First, China is an Asian country, and it is important to build a strategic basis with Russia, India and other neighbors. Second, China’s international status of a developing country determines its diplomatic foundation of attention to Africa, Latin America and other developing countries. Third, as the world's second largest economy, China will do more to promote interests of developing countries and improve the relationship between China and Western countries. Finally, as a member in the world community, China also discusses international and regional issues with multilateral parties to show its responsible image.

In short, "great power is the key, the surrounding is the most important, developing countries is the basis, and multilateral is important arena" for China's diplomacy. With these ideas as a guide, China is exploring the road of building new power relations gradually.

"Chinese dream" docking with "world dream"

In the context of major changes and major adjustments of the world, China's diplomacy became an important fulcrum for lifting the “Chinese dream”. China’s new leadership’s visits do not only create a favorable external environment for the “Chinese dream”, but also make opportunities for the docking of “Chinese dream” with the “world dream”.

More and more countries have responded positively to the docking of “Chinese dream” with the “world dream”. A politician from Tanzania said that Chinese people will successfully achieve the great Chinese dream, and he feels excited about this. For Western countries, China is also willing to seek common ground and common development.

China's new diplomacy has already set sail. However, the process of “diplomatic dream” will not be a flat road. It needs adherence to traditions and flexible changes. Under the changing strategic opportunities and conditions, how to deepen the degree of integrated interests with countries in the world, how to properly handle competition with developing countries and how to focus on public diplomacy will be new topics of diplomatic blueprint for China.

Edited and translated by Ma Xi, People's Daily Online
Read the Chinese version: 中国新外交路线图显“天下情怀”
Source: Jiefang Daily

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