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China's diplomatic protection faces new challenges

(People's Daily)

17:08, February 06, 2012

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

Recently, two cases of Chinese workers being kidnapped occurred successively in Sudan and Egypt. Seemingly, they are two individual incidents, but from a series of cases of Chinese citizens being victimized that occurred frequently in the world, especially in Africa and Asia, it could be seen that China's diplomatic protection is facing many new challenges.

Recently, a trend of political forces of some countries expressing their political appeals by kidnapping foreigners has appeared. It is possible that the anti-government force of Sudan kidnapped Chinese workers on Jan. 29 in order to pressure the government of Sudan to realize its political goals. It also attracted much global attention that the anti-government force of Egypt detained Chinese workers on Jan. 30 in order to force the government of Egypt to release the backbone members of the force.

To handle this situation, China should deeply study the diplomatic protection issue and form a diplomatic protection theory of the new era. Meanwhile, China should also discuss how China strengthens its diplomatic influence and makes its overseas citizens establish self-protection measures so that China could safeguard its national interests and protect its citizens to the maximum extent.


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sh at 2012-02-06117.242.144.*
chinese shld study hard especially mathematics its advanced super and ultra version and develop new things like from biology biotechnology then nanotechnology similarly new subjects evolution should start taking place and capability to grasp things and new things should be best in the world by chinese.

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